wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2016


Recently I've seen many beaded poppies on the internet and I got really obsessed with them. So much, that I had to make one for myself. And I had to make it quickly, so I can wear it before spring ends ;)
Well, it took me over 2 days of really hard work, but here it is - poppy necklace, about 15 cm in diameter.

I want to submit this necklace for Preciosa's My Czech Beads Contest theme 'Spring' (brick stitch technique).
You can find more information about the contest and Preciosa's beads here:

niedziela, 28 lutego 2016

czwartek, 31 grudnia 2015

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve party and Preciosa's monthly contest I prepared a necklace - some semi-precious stone - I have no idea what is it ;) with hematite and blue lustered seed beads.

I submit it for Preciosa's 'My Czech Beads" contest.

środa, 25 listopada 2015

Idą święta ;)

Once again I want to submit my entry for Preciosa's My Czech Beads contest - this time the theme is 'Christmas decoration'. As my family never liked various kinds of 'dustcatchers' I prepared earrings, which can also be hung on a christmas tree. Well, if I find any place for them xD

Made them from green seed beads 11/0, bigger colorful seed beads (about 5mm) and little hematite stars.

Visit Preciosa's website if you like:

sobota, 31 października 2015

Fallen leaves

Inspired by Preciosa's My Czech Beads contest new theme, When the leaves fall down, I prepared a neclace in a form of autumn leaf. It's my first try of a new technique - cross-stitch with beads, but I really like how it came out :)

The leaf is about 7,5 cm wide, I made it from 10/0 and 12/0 Preciosa's seed beads. The back is from eco leather.

I submit it for this month Preciosa's My Czech Beads contest. 

You can find more information about beautiful Preciosa's beads here:

środa, 30 września 2015


Once again I want to show work prepared especially for Preciosa's My Czech Beads contest - thank you Preciosa for motivating me to do anything :P

This month I made necklace from natural thread and big, 8 mm seed beads for the theme 'Autumn'. Hope you like it :)

Learn more about Preciosa beads from their websites:

niedziela, 23 sierpnia 2015


Earrings made for this month's Preciosa's My Czech Beads contest - 'Grape Harvest Festival'. Needle felted purple balls with 11/0 seed beads.

poniedziałek, 20 lipca 2015

In the waves

Next month and next Preciosa's theme :D This time it's 'In the waves'. So I used perfect Preciosa beads I bought some time ago, which colour reminds me of a stormy sea, and made a necklace - bead crochet rope.

The rope is about 50 cm long. There are only 3 beads in a row so it's very flexible - as you can see on the photo. The beads are Preciosa 6/0 Lustered Indicolite - they look much better in real life and differently in every kind of light - sometimes a bit transparent and sometimes metallic.

So I submit this piece for Preciosa's 'My Czech Beads' contest - wish me luck ;)

Preciosa's websites:

wtorek, 30 czerwca 2015

Sunny days

I made yet another earrings for Preciosa's contest - this time the theme is 'Holiday'. And first thing I think of when I hear this word is sun. So I made two little suns - portable ones, that I can take with me everywhere ;)

As cabochons I used little glass stones people put in aquariums. I beaded around them with seed beeds sizes 9/0 and 13/0 in yellow silver-lined colour, and put the hooks on gold seed beads around 6/0 size - all of them from Preciosa.

Preciosa's websites:

sobota, 30 maja 2015


Bridal jewelery is not my thing - I don't really like white and I won't need it in a near future. But as it is Preciosa's theme for this month I decided to try. I have some plastic "somethings" that are ment to look like crystals. Well, they for sure don't - and they're totally tacky, but if beaded around they look quite interesting. I've chosen light blue ones as my inspiration for my earrings - well, I just love blue and they are delicate enough to fit the theme. I've matched them with transparent 15/0 beads, matte white 10/0 beads and metallic blue beads in sizes 10/0 and 6/0 - all from Preciosa. To make it even more delicate, I've joined two parts with a chain.
And here are the results:

So I submit this work for this month Preciosa's contest theme - Wedding Collection. Wish me luck ;)

And if you want to visit Preciosa's website - here you are: