sobota, 30 maja 2015


Bridal jewelery is not my thing - I don't really like white and I won't need it in a near future. But as it is Preciosa's theme for this month I decided to try. I have some plastic "somethings" that are ment to look like crystals. Well, they for sure don't - and they're totally tacky, but if beaded around they look quite interesting. I've chosen light blue ones as my inspiration for my earrings - well, I just love blue and they are delicate enough to fit the theme. I've matched them with transparent 15/0 beads, matte white 10/0 beads and metallic blue beads in sizes 10/0 and 6/0 - all from Preciosa. To make it even more delicate, I've joined two parts with a chain.
And here are the results:

So I submit this work for this month Preciosa's contest theme - Wedding Collection. Wish me luck ;)

And if you want to visit Preciosa's website - here you are:

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